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'Arlequin Shiraz [2013]

Vintage: 2013
Origin: Barossa Valley, Australia
Volume: 750ml
Alcohol: 14.5%

'Arlequin Shiraz [2013]

  • The 2013 'Arlequin Shiraz is produced from grapes grown on the floor of the Barossa Valley. The wine is de-stemmed, crushed and fermented in open concrete tanks. When the this process is finished the juice is pumped off and stored in stainless steel tanks. The skins are shovelled out of the concrete tanks and placed in the basket press, extracting all the juice and flavour from the skins. The juice is added to the stainless steel tank. After 4 weeks the wine is placed in 300L French Oak barrels where it remains for 14 months. The oak is new oak and this shows in the flavour of the wine. In time, the oak flavour will diminish and the wine and oak will integrate.

  • The wine is full flavoured and luscious, depicting berries & black pepper. The wine gets better in the glass with aeration and will continue to reveal additional character with ageing. This wine is an excellent choice to accompany steak, beef and lamb dishes.

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