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In Vino Veritas was conceived with one principle in mind – to provide customers with


“Wines Worth Drinking”


Our philosophy is to provide wines that can truly be appreciated and enjoyed.  

We do not aim to be the cheapest supplier of wines, nor do we aim to be the most expensive.  

We believe the best “values” are found in the middle of the market;

wines of exceptional quality at affordable prices.


In Vino Veritas has a large selection of wines from both the Old and New World. 


We specialise in wines from Chile & Argentina,

 high quality wines providing great value for money.  

We are the exclusive distributor for Canepa wines from Chile and 

La Chamiza wines from Argentina.

The selection process of our wine portfolio is two-fold:


First, alliances with the finest wine-makers from around the world provide the strength of 

historical knowledge of the terriors, allowing the company to select real gems from 

around the world; wines that are genuine safe bets.


Second, alliances with the top Sommelier’s in Singapore provide invaluable knowledge of 

the Asian palate, allowing the company to cater to the broad range of 

Asian tastes and cuisines.  


Together we conduct in-depth Tasting Survey’s to allow the company to select only the finest wines.


In Vino Veritas believes the collective opinions of a panel of experts both in the vineyard 

and in the trade industry provide the best selection of wines . . .

About Us

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